Guidelines for Productive and Worthwhile Conversations:


Below are guidelines to facilitate constructive conversations. And some helpful quotes to help you stay the course by being curious, vulnerable, and brave. Thanks in advance for abiding by them.

I didn’t make these up. Most come from my experience working with National dialogue organizations such as the Village Square and Living Room Conversations, as well as my professional training through Essential Partners. And my personal experience through making mistakes prior to learning these rules as well as having some success in applying what I’ve learned.

And I’m still learning and failing. But that’s how we get better. Right?

Our families, communities, churches, and nation need face to face, heart to heart, hard but respectful conversations more than ever. We need more often to be curious rather than being combative with and seeking conversion of those who see different than us. Less fear and more faith in humanity and people’s desire to be decent people. Less judgement and more vulnerability.

I look forward to having a conversation with you.



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