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Robert A. Rees FRIDAY  |  DECEMBER 14, 2018  |  7:30-9:30 pm In this discussion, we will explore the vital role Mary, the mother of Jesus, played not …

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Slavery is still with us. Learn more and help eliminate it.   6:30 P.M.  |  Thursday November 29th Krishna Temple Salt Lake City 965 E 3370 S …

Just what do we have in common with one another?   This is a good time as any to remind ourselves that if our species shares more …

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Robert A. Rees FRIDAY  |  DECEMBER 14, 2018  |  7:30-9:30 pm In this discussion, we will explore the vital role Mary, the mother of Jesus, played not …

Explore with Thomas McConkie methods to meet across the political divide.   7:00 P.M.  |  Sunday November 18th Judy and James McConkie Home  I  3373 Oakwood Street   …

John Bonner  |  Richard Ostler  |  Samantha Richardson FRIDAY  |  November 2, 2018  |  7:30-9:30 pm An opportunity to explore how we’ve responded in the three years …

Rick Henriksen, MD, M.P.P. TUESDAY  |  OCTOBER 16, 2018  |  7:30-9:30 pm America’s healthcare system is complex and filled with politically-charged walls. Luckily, we do have some solutions …

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FAITH AGAIN    Responses to the 2015 November Policy Three Years Later.   John Bonner, Richard Ostler, Samantha Richardson    FRI  02  NOVEMBER  2018  

THINK AGAIN   No Think Again for November     

FAITH AGAIN    Mary and the Meaning of Christmas    Bob Rees    FRI  14  DECEMBER  2018   

THINK AGAIN    No Think Again for December    


inquisitive and nourishing community.

Looking for a group of people who you can discuss and explore interesting topics with?

Think Again and Faith Again are monthly discussion groups that attract a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. From intelligent teens to aged sages to Phd's and, and like me, no degree. We have atheists, and true believers and everything in between. Those who often attend lean progressive liberal so we especially welcome and are in need of libertarians and conservatives to help keep us thinking again.

Each discussion is lead by a thought-leader or explorer of the particular topic chosen.

Whether you come to a Think Again or Faith Again discussion you will find a safe place where good-hearted thinking people can learn as well as share their ideas, questions, and experiences.

Think Again explores secular topics while Faith Again delves into themes related to spiritual and religious belief—most often in relation to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and its history, doctrines, culture, and practices. Both groups usually meet the first Friday evening of the month. Think again one month, and Faith Again the next. It is best to sign up for the email alerts of when we meet and what we will discus so that you don't miss out.

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