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Led by Sam Plumb THURSDAY  |  JUNE 14, 2018  |  7:30-9:30 pm As of 2016, the rate of overdose death in the US surpassed that of HIV/AIDS …

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Terryl Given’s interviews LDS luminaries   The latest two conversations are with George Handley and Adam Miller. These are high quality, one hour explorations of important topics …

A valuable resource for Mormons regarding LGBTQ+   Former LDS Bishop, Richard Ostler, created Listen, Learn, and Love to help himself and others better understand, support, and …

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Led by Sam Plumb THURSDAY  |  JUNE 14, 2018  |  7:30-9:30 pm As of 2016, the rate of overdose death in the US surpassed that of HIV/AIDS …

Jana Riess SUNDAY  |  JUNE 3, 2018  |  7:00-9:00 pm A conversation about where Mormons are now and where they are headed. GATHERING AT: Home of Ed …

Led by Spencer and Mary Thompson FRIDAY  |  MAY 4, 2018  |  7:30-9:30 pm What does it mean to truly love someone? And how does that apply …

Seeking people of difference Living Room Conversations and Utah Village Square have been invited to collaborate with the national StoryCorps initiative called One Small Step.  We are …

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FAITH AGAIN     What the Numbers Say About Mormon Millennials   Jana Riess    FRI  03  JUNE  2018     

THINK AGAIN    Save a Life: Utah Naloxone and Changing the Optics of Opioid Addiction  Sam Plumb   THU  14  JUNE  2018     

FAITH AGAIN    Summer Break: No Faith Again in July     

THINK AGAIN    Summer Break: No Think Again in July      


inquisitive and nourishing community.

Looking for a group of people who you can discuss and explore interesting topics with?

Think Again and Faith Again are monthly discussion groups that attract a range of people from diverse backgrounds. From intelligent teens to aged sages to Phd's and, and like me, no degree. We have atheists, and true believers serving missions. We tend to lean progressive liberal so we especially welcome libertarians and conservatives to help keep us thinking again.

Each discussion is lead by a thought-leader or explorer of the particular topic chosen.

Whether you come to a Think Again or Faith Again discussion you will find a safe place where good-hearted thinking people can learn as well as share their ideas, questions, and experiences.

Think Again explores secular topics and typically meets the third Thursday or Friday evening of the month.

Faith Again delves into themes related to spiritual and religious belief—most often in relation to the Mormon church and its history and doctrines, culture, and practices. It usually meets the first Friday evening of the month.

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